Home & Office Support Technology

As Las Vegas’ leading home computer services and IT solution provider, Computer Troubleshooters Las Vegas recognizes the critical role that computers play in your home, whether for your home office or just for personal use.

But what happens when your technology lets you down?  How much of your time is wasted dealing with a slow computer or system crash? And if your system crashes, how do you recover your data?

At Computer Troubleshooters Las Vegas, we’ve created a solution called Home & Office Support Technology (H.O.S.T.), the industry’s leading managed services support plan for a home office or personal computer.  Think of it as “OnStar” for your personal computer.   For a flat monthly fee that varies depending on what type of service you desire, we implement the following services:

  • Monitor your technology 24/7, including preventing up to 80% of all computer problems before you’re even aware of them;
  • Install advanced remote support tools to enable our team to diagnose and resolve problems quickly if they do occur;
  • Monitor your backup system to be sure your data is backed up safely;
  • Handle computer problems for PC’s, including Windows, virus and spyware problems, via remote support  (MAC’s in testing) or on-site;
  • Provide a “Helpdesk” with prompt, easy access to high quality support consultants anytime you have a computer question or problem;
  • Perform “CT Tested” Microsoft patches and updates;
  • Provide system-wide performance reports on a monthly basis; and more.

Just as most of us have health insurance to protect us when we’re sick, or motor club insurance to assist us if our car breaks down on the highway or we lock our keys in the car, this managed service program will protect you if something should go wrong with your home computer.

Ask yourself these questions.  How long can I afford for my computer to be down?  How much can I afford to spend on a technician every time a virus infection, hardware problem, spyware or software glitch happens to my computer?  Do I really want to wait for a computer crisis to occur before thinking about prevention methods?

Under a managed services plan like H.O.S.T. Computer Troubleshooters Las Vegas does its best to keep you trouble free, monitoring your computer 24/7 to make sure nothing happens and will be aware of any problems that do occur before you ever notice them.

Whether you run a business out of your home or just use your computer for personal needs, Las Vegas Computer Troubleshooters has a H.O.S.T. plan that can work for you.  Our plans start as low as $10/month, so please call us today at 702-251-FIXIT (3494) or fill out our contact form to find out more about managed care and prevention programs for your home computer.