Comprehensive PC Tune-Up for $99 – $158

• Scan for registry errors and repair;
• Backup registry;
• Check for Windows Updates and Patches. Install “appropriate” (CTLV tested) updates and patches;
• Disable system restore and re-enable, after virus and spyware scans;
• Check Device Manager for errors;
• Review list of startup programs and remove unnecessary ones;
• Empty Recycle Bin;
• Delete all temporary files;
• Run Disk Defragmentation, if necessary;
• Remove obsolete files;
• Remove invalid program shortcuts;
• Remove invalid registry entries;
• Clear Internet cache;
• Clear each internet browser’s cookies, history, and temporary files (IE/Firefox/Chrome);
• Check Add/Remove programs for rogue programs. Delete if appropriate;
• Run Scandisk if necessary; and
• Discuss backup options with client to prevent data loss


  • Virus and Spyware Detection and Removal: $99
  • Backup Image of Hard Drive on CTLV Servers for 30 Days from Pickup (before any changes are made by us): $50*
  • Image Transferred to Client’s External Hard Drive (subject to space available): $25

Regular price: $273, now $99 per PC and $158 per server, until 2/28/12