Are your office computers running slow?  If so, it might be as simple as installing additional memory to many of the computers in your office that seem to be affected.  We can upgrade your current MAC’s or PC’s with more memory, bigger and faster hard drives, or any other upgrade you need.  Call us now and we can help you determine what is best for you.


If you’ve ever had a computer hard drive crash, then you know it can be incredibly frustrating.  Reloading all of your programs and data files is a tedious process, and it’s important to be done correctly to make sure it is unlikely to happen again.

As a full-service Las Vegas computer repair and maintenance company, Computer Troubleshooters Las Vegas has the sources to recover data from most any type of hard drive crash.  In worst case scenarios, we have access to Clean Room Data Recovery.  It’s a costly procedure and in most cases, if you have your computer system maintained on a regular basis and have a professional back-up system, you’ll never have to incur the cost.

In addition to fixing your present hard drive, our locally-owned computer services firm can add additional hard drives to your system for internal storage.


Do you worry when you install a new program, what impact it will have on your computer or your network?  Will your anti-virus program stop your installation because it fails to realize that you are installing a legitimate program?  Is the program “network aware,” and do you know what needs to be done to integrate the new software for all of your users as well as your office network?

If you need help installing or configuring your new software, we can help.  In addition, if your software is not functioning properly, we can help troubleshoot your problems and find a solution.  Call us today at 702.251.FIXIT (3494) or fill out our contact form for a free consultation.