How safe is your data from both internal and external threats?

As with any Las Vegas small business, your data and intellectual property needs to be protected from outside access.  Hackers, internal breaches or your competition can find gateways to your system if they are not protected properly.  At Computer Troubleshooters Las Vegas, we can protect your systems from these vulnerabilities, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your valuable information.

Our certified team of professionals can help you determine a security policy, build firewalls and virtual private networks and protect against viruses, spyware and more.  We can design a customer security and compliance program that can include some or all of these features:

  • Perimeter defense keeps unwanted individuals from accessing your computers and data;
  • Endpoint defense protects each computer on your network;
  • Email defense scans both incoming and outgoing emails to find and remove viruses, malware and spyware, while also retaining communications when required for regulatory compliance;
  • Document management:  scan and store electronic copies of required documents with scheduled future destruction dates to comply with archival regulations;
  • Employee activity monitoring (including IM) and reporting;
  • Surveillance cameras and archiving;
  • Network policy-based security; including restricting use of USB-based storage; and
  • Auditing of share and NTFS permissions.


In a world where your data and intellectual property are increasingly vulnerable, firewalls are an important part of your corporate security strategy.  Firewalls are security measures that control access to information, helping to ensure the protection of your corporate assets.  Firewalls are the first line of defense against hackers.

Remote Access

Today’s small businesses often share information with employees, satellite offices, partners and customers throughout their computer networks.  While it’s great to have such access to doing so, companies can’t be too careful in making sure their data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.  At Computer Troubleshooters, we can develop a secure strategy that will work for your business, while at the same time, allowing remote access by your business partners.

If you need assistance with Data Security, call us today at 702.251.FIXIT (3494) or fill out our contact form for the best in Las Vegas computer repair.